Total edentulous


House Wife
67 years


Edentulous maxilla and some root tooth remains in the mandible.


1- Removal of mandibular tooth remains

2- Computer guided surgery in both arches, inserting 6 implants in the maxilla and four in the mandible

3- Fixation of both procisional teeth, superior and inferior (all procedures are made in one surgical time)

4- After 4 months, permanent teeth are inserted. A 12 teth zirconia/ceramic arch in the maxilla, and a 12 teeth titanium/acrilic arch in the mandible. Both screw retained structures.

Case completed on 05/2011


“Today I reckon that I look in the mirror with pride at my smile. I remember the moments of conviviality in which I avoided being photographed and / or smiling, when I would liked to have done it. When I reviw photographs of the happiest moments of my life, I find out that I can not demonstrate this joy for simply not smiling spontaneously and happily because of my teeth. So today, only one thought assaults me: why did it take me so long to make this decision? How I regret it! It remains for me, therefore, to thank Dr. Pinheiro Torres and his team for the beautiful smile with which they rewarded me and which has come to brighten my days”

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3D Planning

Final result

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