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Correction of dental positioning.

Orthodontics is the field of Dental Medicine specialized in the prevention and correction of dental and jaw irregularities.

At growth ages, it is possible to prevent and eliminate certain irregularities by resorting to very simple Interceptive Orthodontics techniques.

When children are older, Corrective Orthodontics resorts to orthodontic braces in order to correct occlusion and/or aesthetic problems; they should be placed when the permanent dentition stage occurs. Corrective Orthodontics may resort to different techniques, depending on the different clinical cases:

1- Orthodontic mouthguards, virtually invisible, they can be removed at meals or whenever necessary;

2- Lingual Orthodontics, similar to conventional brackets, but placed on the backside of teeth;

3- Aesthetic brackets, either similar to teeth in colour or transparent, thus significantly less perceptible;

4-Metallic brackets, conventional braces, more resistant and therefore suitable for younger ages.

Metal braces
Metal braces
Clear braces
Invisible aligners insignia
Lingual Orthodontics
Lingual Orthodontics

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