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Rehabilitation of missing teeth.

Implantology deals with the rehabilitation of missing teeth and final results can replicate the aesthetic and functions of a natural tooth. When performed with certified materials and the appropriate technical, it is a safe, long-lasting, effective alternative.

Dental implants are made of titanium on which ceramic dental crowns will be placed. In most cases, we apply the Immediate loading concept, which consists of the simultaneous placement of an implant and a temporary tooth, thus immediately correcting the tooth gap. The temporary tooth is rather similar to the permanent one, with the exception of the material it is made of. Once the osseointegration (bone growth around the implant) period comes to its term, it is replaced by a new ceramics tooth that mimics your natural teeth to perfection.

Specialists in the Implantology field, Clínica Pinheiro Torres’ success rate is at 98%, over a 10-year span. In 2011 we developed an innovative technique which allows the rehabilitation of teeth in aesthetically challenged areas in a single intervention, with natural, imperceptible results. This procedure entails enormous precision when placing implants, which means surgical procedures have become considerably less traumatic, thus allowing for a rapid, pain-free post-op.

Another technique we perform routinely for a full mouth reabilitation is guided surgery, which allows us to carry out a previous study of your scan and then position your implants on a 3D digital model. Information resulting from this procedure is then immediately sent to production centres either in Sweden or the USA, and we receive your tailormade surgical guide within a week.

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