Left superior central incisor radicular fracture


College Professor
34 years


Immediate implant insertion after tooth extraction and a provisional crown, together with a gingival microsurgical technique, compensating volume loss, in time. All procedures made in one surgical time.

After four months a ceramic permanent crown is placed.

A testimony

“After a few years of indecision and failed treatments, I met Dr. Pinheiro Torres, whom I described my problems with a superior frontal tooth. Dr. Pinheiro Torres advised me to go to his clinic to study my case and after this study said that he could treat me by inserting an implant. So it was, through a method that had never been used, in such a way that my case was already presented by Dr. Pinheiro Torres in several international conferences of the specialty. As for the tooth … it was perfect! So perfect that no one can even recognize the implant from a natural tooth … Anyway, I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks to Dr. Pinheiro Torres and the excellent team that  supports him, makes Clínica Pinheiro Torres a place of absolute trust!”

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Final result – 6 years

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