Lack of volume on the right superior side


45 years


Lack of volume on the right superior side by the long time absence of the canine and lateral incisor, here replaced by a four elements bridge.

Patient’s concern: Aesthetics


1- Gingival micro-surgical technic to augment vertical and horizontal volume in the edentulous area

2- Replacement of the absent teeth by implants

3- Insertion of single crowns on teeth (1st premolar and central incisor) and a screw retained structure of two teeth, on implants (canine and lateral incisor)

Case completed on 01/2012

A testimony

“My experience at Clinica Pinheiro Torres is very positive in all aspects. In my first appointement, Dr. Pinheiro Torres presented himself, proposing, without compromise, to study and propose for my case a lasting, healthy and functional solution, without neglecting the aesthetic appearance. This way of working, as well as readiness and willingness to treat any unforeseen,reinforced my confidence in the team and in the final result, which has been proven.Now instead of problems, I have an healthy dentition and a much better aesthetics.”

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Final result

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