Hygiene and Safety in your Clinic, before, during and after the pandemic

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To face this new reality that we live, the Pinheiro Torres’s Clinic prepared the conditions of hygiene and safety and rests its patients and people from Porto.
This pandemic caused by the new coronavirus made most part of the national companys close doors or adapt the way of working, in order to guarantee the non-spread and aggravation of the pandemic. On one hand, for not knowing about this disease and on the other for the unpreparedness of the places for this new reality.

However, it will be important to rest all patients and transmit to them the ultra-strict hygiene and safety protocol that the clinic has, guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification, for 12 years. This distinction allows and, moreover, puts it at the priority to guarantee or reduce the risk to affordable values. Making a better and a safe dental clinic, for the practice of all types of dentist interventions.

Porto has been one of the most affected places in Portugal, as well the north zone, because of the fact that exists a lot more people being tested and the the issue of being concentrated on big zone of industry.

What´s the preparation of the Pinheiro Torres’s Clinic, in hygiene and safety?

For the Pinheiro Torres’s Clinic there´s no fear in opening and correspond in this aspect, since the hygiene procedure is established from its first day, as well as the concept today so discussed and called “slow dentistry”. This procedure consists by, way of summary, in the spacing of appointments so that there is the possibility of a correct hygienization of the space, in order to increase the degree of work safety and dental care to the next patient.

The time spent for each patient becomes important, for hygiene and safety.

The time spent for each patient becomes important and crucial at this time for a explanation and implementation of preventive measures that will have long-term repercussions on their lives. Dr. José Maria Pinheiro Torres adds: “This novelty in our daily lives brings us increased responsibilities as dentists. Our obligation is to use this introductory time, with our patients, not only to explain the procedure but also to elucidate on risks and measures to face the advancement of the vírus.”

The clinic’s dentists are prepared and aware of this new reality and at the same time comfortable, since it became part of routine. The clinical director, Dr. José Maria Pinheiro Torres underlines that “of course we needed to adapt, from the protection equipment of dentists, as well as in protections for the materials available in the office. And, of course, a recurrent cleaning starting when the patient arrives to our clinic, ending on finish process of leaving the clinic.”

So dont be afraid. And if you really have a need, contactthe clinic by the means available. You will certainly be placed securely on the agenda, after assessing your situation, so that you can be comfortable and secure with our intervention.

Hygiene and Safety in your Clinic, before, during and after the pandemic

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