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On this page we present real cases of treatments performed with our patients.

Orthodontics – Moderate crowding in arches

  • Ortodontia - Sobremordida, retroinclinação

Orthodontics – Overbite, Retroinclination

  • Ortodontia_IA_CasoClinico_destaque

Orthodontics – Upper teeth set back from the lower teeth

Lack of space for the upper incisor and crowding in the lower arch

  • Clinica Pinheiro Torres - Perda de massa óssea vestibular

Vestibular Bone Mass Loss | solved by an implant in immediate load

  • Clinica Pinheiro Torres - Gingival Transparency due to Inadaptation of Metalo-Ceramic Crown

Gingival Transparency | Inadaptation of the Metallic-Ceramic Crown

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