Beautiful imperfections are everywhere. What we acknowledge as balanced and perfect is naturally asymmetrical, irregular, unique! This diversity of shapes and forms sets us apart, and is embedded in our personality.

At Clínica Pinheiro Torres, we believe that each smile should reflect the identity behind each life story. And this is why our focus is offering services which provide a warm, intimate and honest tailormade experience. Remarkable… as you!

Our clinic is specialized in cases which are complex at a technical, functional and aesthetic level. Our philosophy is to respect the uniqueness of each of our patients while restoring their natural smile. Rather than trying to ‘hide’ problems with quick and artificial solutions. We always work in harmony with the regenerative potential of your organism..

Clínica Pinheiro Torres

Our team of experienced professionals, led by Dr. José Maria Pinheiro Torres, provides specialised oral healthcare in the areas of Periodontology, Implantology, Surgery, Fixed or Removable Prosthesis, Dentistry, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Hygiene and Prevention.

Clínica Pinheiro Torres has been certified by NP EN ISO 9001 since 2012, having already started the transition to the new benchmark (NP EN ISO 9001: 2015), in order to make the processes even more efficient, optimized and robust..

    • Improving organizational efficiency
    • Improved implementation, coordination and productivity
    • Higher focus on company objectives and customer’s expectations
    • Obtaining and maintaining quality service, in order to satisfy the explicit and implicit needs and customer’s expectations
    • Team accountability
    • Improvement of internal and external communication
    • Systematization of  tasks and procedures
    • Skills improvement

Located near the beautiful beaches of Foz do Douro in Oporto, the services provided at our cutting edge facilities are anchored in our investment in areas such as Investigation, Training and Scientific Innovation.

Visit us at 61, Rua Do Teatro, where a unique experience awaits you! We look forward to seeing you! 

Clinica Pinheiro Torres - Porto - Implantologia, Periodontologia e Reabilitação Oral