Agenesis and Microdontia


16 years


Agenesis (absence) of the right superior lateral incisor, and Microdontia (size smaller than normal) of the left superior lateral incisor.


1- 1 year of orthodontic treatment to gain space for both teeth

2- Left wrist x-ray to confirm skeleton maturation

3- Computer guided surgery to insert an implant to replace right incisor and immediate provisional crown insertion, along with a gingival micro-surgical technic, to augment the outer volume. All procedures are made in one surgical time

4- After 5 months, ceramic permanent crowns are placed at the implant (right) and tooth (left), enlarging it’s size

Case completed on 05/2015

A testimony

“The purpose of the treatment was to correct the lack of a tooth that I had not had since birth, and which bothered me aesthetically when I smiled.The result of the procedures was exactly what I expected, that is, I was able to have all teeth, aligned and beautiful. Congratulations to Dr. Pinheiro Torres and the entire team!”

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After 1 year of orthodontic treatment

3D planning


Final result

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